What Refuge for Women Means to Me

This note is from a resident that has recently graduated from the program. 


When I first came to Refuge I was holding onto my last bit of hope. I have been through abuse, loss, trauma, rejection and addiction. I was scared and had nowhere else to look. I had been searching for a hope that my life could change. I was accepted with open arms immediately.

The scared feeling of being someplace new faded very quickly, turning into laughter and conversation. My anxiety dwindled as the days went on and soon I felt more comfortable in the place that I now consider my home. The staff are uplifting and supportive. They show the love of Jesus every day. These women have become my best friends. They have laughed with me and cried with me. They have given advice and helped to guide me on my journey, always pointing to Jesus.

Reading the program material opened my eyes to things that I didn’t even know about myself. Through the countless hours of books, classes, therapy sessions, prayer and a God who carries you through the storm, I have found myself. I learned to feel again. I have a voice. I have boundaries. I have relationship with my Heavenly Father that is unshakeable. I have come to understand what it is to be loved by Jesus and to put my life in his hands. God is restoring my life. He is mending relationships with my children and helping me to gain trust with my parents again. He has shown up in my darkest days when therapy was hard to get through. He has taken a drug addict with no hope for a future and turned me into a CNA working in home health, taking care of dementia patients. God and Refuge for Women have saved my life.

This program has helped to mold me into the godly woman that I was born to be. It has set my feet on a foundation and opened doors that I never thought were possible. Refuge to me is strength, hope, grace, forgiveness, love, encouragement, friendship, family, and Christ.