Refuge for Women Crisis House

Crisis Center Overview

Refuge for Women’s Crisis Center will serve sexually exploited and trafficked women. The home will serve women for 30 days, and will be free of cost to residents. The goal is to provide a quick place for women to stay when they need detox and safety. The home will not require an application or insurance for admittance. Simply, the applicants will be interviewed over the phone to determine urgency and eligibility, then the intake process will continue after the woman has been safely transported to the Crisis Center. This quick rescue system will help women flee their situation before they change their mind, are offered another drug or drink, or are harmed by their offenders. In other words, the mission is to rescue women before it’s too late.

The Crisis Center will work with community partners to reach women who don’t know about the program or are without means of information and communication. It will combine the healing and safety services of a Crisis Center with the addiction recovery services offered by rehabilitation facilities. The shelter will specialize in serving victims of trafficking, exploitation, and assault, in the forms of both physical and sexual offenses.

The center will offer a safe place for natural detox and will partner with local hospitals to care for women in need of medical detox. The weekly group and individual counseling will be a launching pad for each woman’s inner healing. The women will also receive pastoral support, psychiatric services, and a Mental Status Exam. The psychiatric services and Mental Status Exam will help residents to understand their addiction, trauma, and health, and to communicate their health to prospective long-term programs.



Natalie's Sisters works with women who have been sexually exploited.  Most of our guests at the Drop-in are homeless and dealing with addiction issues.  That, compounded with sexual exploitation puts them in a constant state of crisis and confusion.  Few are in a good enough place mentally or emotionally to make any decisions - let alone how to go about starting their healing process.  We have been praying for a 30-day crisis house for a couple of years. For our women, it would provide an immediate resource, and caring and compassionate staff to help them through detox and the decisions they need to make for next steps in their recovery.  

- Jani Lewis, Executive Director, Natalie's Sisters

Weekly Services

  • Comprehensive intake within 48 hours or less

  • Acquire long-term placement needs (i.e. driver's license, insurance, mental health exam,

    medical exam, sobriety, etc.)

  • 4 hours of case management/mentoring, per individual

  • 4 hours substance abuse counseling, per individual

  • Group classes for substance abuse, trauma, and inner healing

  • Community meetings for addiction: AA, NA, CR

  • Daily scheduled meals, chores, etc.

  • Health and fitness education and activities

  • Optional church/bible study participation

We would love to share more with you and/or your congregation! 

For more information, contact Program Director, Carrie Miller.