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Bodies are Not Commodities

The  Bodies Are Not Commodities curriculum was developed by the A21 Organization in response to an overwhelming need for education about human trafficking among students. With this curriculum, our instructors will educate students and equip them with tools to combat human trafficking in the world around them. It is innovative, interactive, and designed to connect students to the reality of human trafficking so they can be a part of the solution. Students are some of the most at-risk population for becoming victims of trafficking. Our USA aftercare specialist confirms, “Almost 100% of our survivors were trafficked during school years.” It is our job to prevent human trafficking before it even begins. Broad topics include:

  • What is human trafficking?

  • How does someone become a victim?

  • How do we abolish human trafficking?

This curriculum provides five interactive sessions to motivate and engage the adolescent learner. It includes a focus on the Common Core English Language Arts Strands (ELA) and Literacy in History/Social Studies Standards, as well as integrated cross-curricular relevance within the subjects of health, history, citizenship, literacy, and critical thinking. There are also intersession extension opportunities to help further awareness and prevention. We will also provide the teacher with material to conduct Learning Labs that are designed to provide students with an interactive, inquiry- based experience that offers the following opportunities: higher-order thinking skills, authentic connectedness to the real world, substantive conversation skills, social support, and depth of knowledge.


Refuge for Women’s Rewire videos will be utilized as part of the Raise the Standard program. The format includes a video teaching from national speaker and police officer,Scott Harvey, coupled with the testimonies of 3 women who have been victims of sex trafficking. Our hope is that in opening up these issues for discussion, we can provide statistics, stories, warning signs and other important information so that the students will be able to recognize an unsafe situation and seek help before it is too late. Take a look at a few of the videos here:



The Healthy Boundaries curriculum is designed for middle school students. This curriculum helps students to see the importance of establishing boundaries in all of their relationships. Classroom discussion includes the topics of self-esteem, emotional and sexual health, relationship safety, Std’s, and teen pregnancy.

Invite Us To Speak

The Student Prevention program can be tailored to meet the needs of any student group, including faith-based or secular. We are available to speak for a 1-hour session or three 60-90 minute sessions. We can address large audiences or groups as small as 25.

For speaking engagements in the Fayette County area, there is no charge. Engagements that require travel would involve travel expenses.  


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